Rocket beet juice: makes you run faster!!!

Bring the beets back!
I love beets in my juice: beets are packed with micro and macro nutrients, sweet and cool-colored. Also, i read an interesting article about a study on beet juice and how it (i.e. the nitrate found in beets) can improve sports performance. Allegedly, it has the ability to dramatically lower the muscles need for oxygen. Sounds like a pretty sweet “extra” to me: i was drinking beet juice this week.
Then, I ended up NOT going to NY for the marathon as it was cancelled 😦 So next best thing, and a little closer to home was a trail 25K in Huntsville, TX: the Rocky Raccoon. Awesome race through Huntsville state park. As I carb loaded all week and drank loads of “beet juice” this race turned out to be an excellent experiment.
Without tooting my own horn too much: I flew through that forest! Super energized, super powerful. Of course, it was the training for NY, the disappointment of not going but definitely also:
rocket beet juice: 2 beets+some kale+some green collards+green apple+celery+1/2 cucumber+ ginger+lime

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