No, I’m NOT a latte

No, I'm NOT a latte

Not a latte??!!! Nope, a veggie juice with cucumber+green apple+carrots+sweet potato+pear+green bell paper.

(color maybe not be so appealing, taste on the other hand is super good!)


8 thoughts on “No, I’m NOT a latte

    • Oh yes, both juices and smoothies are tasty and super nutritious! For my smoothie, the exact instructions/ingredients are: In a Vitamix (or other powerful blender) blend 3/4 cup berries (or more if you’re not on a tight budget like me!), 2 bananas, 6 ice cubes, and 2 cups water. Then add 10 cups chopped kale (or collard greens or watercress) and blend again. Once done, poor into mason jars or whatever. Finally, add in a tablespoon or more of ground flaxseeds (I add the seeds in later because I’ve found blending them makes for a much messier blender to clean—they tend to stick/glob to the blender’s sides).

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