Weekend must make!! Really!!


I swear I made this myself and you can do it too! Super simple and very very delicious!

Quinoa veggie sushi:
Instead of rice I used quinoa in these sushi rolls. I love quinoa, and it is very healthy. It contains a lot of protein, dietary fiber, it is high in magnesium & iron, contains calcium and it’s gluten free. WOW: true superfood!

Preferably make the quinoa in advance. It takes a while to prepare and works better when it is cooled off. When your quinoa is ready, add some rice vinegar. It will give your quinoa a nice flavor and it will keep the quinoa a bit mushy & sticky. Then chop up whatever you like in there. I used asparagus, sweet potato, carrot, cucumber, alfalfa, avocado, spinach, and so on. Add a thin layer of quinoa on the nori and then add your veggies. I always try to keep the top 1/4 of the nori empty because that makes the rolling easier. Enjoy!!!

Have a great weekend! xo be


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