hitting the trails


hitting the trails

My puppy BIlly and i getting ready to hit the trails this morning. She turns out to be the best running mate! Super fast, and never stumbles, unlike me.

I just signed up for the Mid Mountain marathon in Utah – Park City in September. Anyone every done this one? Check out the elevation profile, haha, this will be a monster! But regardless, i feel totally inspired by Scott Jurek’s book EAT & RUN.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.48.00 AMNow we just have to find some decent hills to train on in Houston ….

HAve a great day!


wanna be my pen pal workshop, yay


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This is gonna be so much fun! Gifted fools together with the super cool shop “sparrow and nest” in the Heights, Houston, will do a series of fun pen pal workshops. For both kiddies and adults! Make your own pretty stationary and make a lot of new pen pal friends!


Who doesn’t love snail mail??!

xo Be

* N E W * gifted fools stationary sets

Yay, my new Gifted Fools note cards are in and ready to travel around the world by snail mail! Great for a quick little note to a friend or a thank you. Send some love and cuteness in an envelop today! Also great as gift for Mother’s day or for your special pen pals.

buy them here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/130980516/n-e-w-gifted-fools-stationary-note-card?ref=shop_home_active OR even better! Come and see me at the renegade craft festival in Austin 18+19 May! xo, be

Gifted fools note cards

nail polish note cardnailpolish overview

EAT & RUN by Scott Jurek – Great read!

This is a great read! I “like” to consider myself a mile junkie but holy cow, the insights in the training of super ultra running hero Scott Jurek are just unbelievable in duration and pace! And all of that on a “plant based” diet. Very, very inspirational and also great recipes.

I have been doing the plant-based running thing now for a year or so and love it. Feel strong and recover fast. Awesome to read that Scott Jurek describes the same advantages!

Ahhhhh! now i wanna run a 100 too! (Some day!)

Have a great Sunday!


These shoes never disappoint!


These shoes never disappoint!

Saturday i ran the Huntsville trail 50K Hog’s Hunt and it was a blast! Starting off in the dark with headlamps was a new experience for me. Yes, there was some stumbling and no it wasn’t pretty but oh well: didn’t spoil the fun. Trails were in great condition, weather was nice and great bunch of people. The beet loading proved to be successful again! My friend and i got second place female. Yay!
What’s next? Yikes: don’t know!! Any good (ultra) suggestions?

Have a great week!
Xo be