Fiesta: colorful veggie chili

This is a super easy dish, does not take a lot of time to make (15 minutes if you plan it well) and looks great! Def a winner in my book!

I used brown rice, black beans, veggie ground crumbles (really does look like ground beef!), onion, some taco spices, cilantro, spinach, corn, tomatoes and on top some guacamole. Yum!

Have a good one!

Xo be



Sort of a veggie chili …


Sort of a veggie chili ...

A (sort of) veggie chili:

This chili was made up as I went along… so basically it happened by accident, but pretty good turn out.I made a bowl of brown rice and was working on a “stew” of welded tomatoes + enchilada spices + cilantro + broccoli + spinach then decided to mash some bean burgers too, which gave it sort of a chili feel. Mixed it all up and tata: a sort of veggie chili 🙂