Big ass smoothie for the Friday

I am a fortunate girl to have both a juicer and vitamix. This morning i used them both for my smoothie. Not ideal for dish washing purposes but awesome for the smoothie.

This smoothie is the perfect kick starter for your Friday!

First the Juicer: 3 big carrots, 1 apple, piece of ginger, 5 kale leafs , 1/2 cucumber.

Then throw the juice in the vitamix plus some fresh grapefruit juice, some pineapple, ice, chia seeds, flax and bunch of fresh spinach. Mix it Et voila! Super energizing green power smoothie! Enjoy!

Have a great Friday!

Xo be



I just really wanna couscous you!


I just really wanna couscous you!

Did I mention I L O V E couscous?

This is a super simple dish made with whole grain Israeli couscous and oven roasted veggies. YUM!!!! And looks pretty too (yes, i like that about it).

I used carrots, beets, sweet potato, red onion and garlic cloves. The veggies go in the oven for about 25 min. @ 375F.
The couscous was made with a bit of tomato broth and i added cinnamon spices, ground cumin and cilantro.

Throw it all together and voila!

xo be