One tall green, please!

One tall green, please! That the way to start the day! I love to grab a big coffee but this is better and really good actually! Made my juice with Kale,cucumber,ginger,apple,green bell pepper. With some ice, super refreshing!

Have a good one! Xo be



Easy breezy beet juice!

Easy breezy beet juice: yay! Beets with carrots, lime, ginger, cucumber & green apple. Yum! Happy Wednesday!
E A T M O R E V E G G I E S ! Xo be


Greens in the spotlight!


Greens in the spotlight!

The greener, the meaner, eugh… and that you can taste!

Today, i made my juice without an apple. Just greens. While enthusiastically chopping my green veggies, i already knew this would be a rough one … and it was… Kale, broccoli, cucumber, cilantro, hands full of spinach, celery and cilantro. Found a green squash in my search for greens in the fridge and thought: oh, why not? Result: Absolutely NOT a good tasting juice, but if you pinch your nose and think hard of all the good healthy stuff in green veggies: bearable. That said: tomorrow, the apple is back in!

Have a great day! xo be