Pretty pink juice!


Pretty pink juice!

This pretty pink one is made of: beets + celery + ginger + green apple + lime + broccoli + carrot



A great combination!

Apple and red cabbage is a really tasty combination prepared warm but as juice? Today’s experiment was successful! Try it! Super fresh! And yes, I love pink too!

Juice: green apple + broccoli + lime + red cabbage + cucumber

Xo be


Friday morning juice: yay!


friday morning juice

Best way to start my friday: run 9 miles and make a juice. All done before 7 am. Got some endorphins flowing: i say a great start of the day.

Isn’t it amazing how many veggies go into a juice? I would never be able to eat this bowl for breakfast!

Today’s juice: big beet+cucumber+lime+cilantro+apple+broccoli.

Have a good one!
xo be

Be’s Party food!

Party food often equals junk food, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Sure the party peeps may look at you funny when you come in with your veggie entourage. At first that is.

I bet ya everyone will try and steal a bite (or a sip) before the end of the party. Nowadays i (friendly) force my veggie meals upon my friends. Some say that is harsh but I haven’t had any complaints so far, haha. Most of the time they are sort of surprised that it actually tastes so good! So here is some party bite inspiration, whether you are hosting for just bringing something along: spread the veggie love!

be’s finger food

Mini sammies, great for parties and look cute too!

I used: Organic rye bread+home made guacamole+fresh green bell pepper+tomato+black olives: EASY PEASY.

Party with the beets

Beets are naturally sweet and have a strong taste. To make the juice as “likable” as possible go easy on the beets, add carrots, green apple, a cucumber, some ginger and a splash of lemon. And last but not least add lots of ice and serve in a pretty pitcher. Very very refreshing and it brings a nice variety to the plain old OJ.

Vegan nachos

Just as good as the real thing, maybe even better! I like to use baked whole wheat broken pita bread, add some tomato salsa, “veggie” cheese (for example brand: “Go Veggie”), black beans. Put the tray in the oven until “cheese” is smelted, then add some chopped up avocado (or home made guacamole!!) cilantro and some lime. TATA: everyone will love you. Success guaranteed!