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Hi there! I’m BE – a creative art & fashion lover extraordinaire, love for photography and stamps, fanatic runner, collector of many toys, drinks coffee black (preferably in huge amounts).difficult new

During the day I run a mini design studio “gifted fools“. At night (I try to be) a kitchen goddess.  This is something new, cause I never really liked to cook before. Actually, most days I came home too late from work to do any cooking at all. I would eat at the office or skip it altogether. Pretty sad: yes, I agree.homemade burgers copy

Then I quite my job, moved to another country and all of a sudden I was the one cooking. WHATTT? How did that happen? I wonder too sometimes. Anyway: this blog is not about how good my food is (if it is at all…). It’s about exploring veggies & other plant based foods and then putting it all together.  Pure food + easy preparation. It’s not so hard.

just veggies copy

My dishes are simple and consist of a whole bunch of fresh veggies and whatever else I can find in the fridge. Oh, btw: did I mention it’s all plant-based? Yeah, Be went vegan along the way too…Keep cooking (among many other things) too! xo Be cooks too!

https://www.facebook.com/Becookstoo & https://www.facebook.com/2giftedfools

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Fiesta: colorful veggie chili

This is a super easy dish, does not take a lot of time to make (15 minutes if you plan it well) and looks great! Def a winner in my book!

I used brown rice, black beans, veggie ground crumbles (really does look like ground beef!), onion, some taco spices, cilantro, spinach, corn, tomatoes and on top some guacamole. Yum!

Have a good one!

Xo be


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