Fiesta: colorful veggie chili

This is a super easy dish, does not take a lot of time to make (15 minutes if you plan it well) and looks great! Def a winner in my book!

I used brown rice, black beans, veggie ground crumbles (really does look like ground beef!), onion, some taco spices, cilantro, spinach, corn, tomatoes and on top some guacamole. Yum!

Have a good one!

Xo be



Just roast it!

Nothing is so easy and delish as oven roasted veggies! Tonight: cauliflower and red skin potatoes with a veggie burger and some avocado. Sprinkle with some olive oil and rosemary: Easy peasy!

Have a good one!
Xo be


Big ass smoothie for the Friday

I am a fortunate girl to have both a juicer and vitamix. This morning i used them both for my smoothie. Not ideal for dish washing purposes but awesome for the smoothie.

This smoothie is the perfect kick starter for your Friday!

First the Juicer: 3 big carrots, 1 apple, piece of ginger, 5 kale leafs , 1/2 cucumber.

Then throw the juice in the vitamix plus some fresh grapefruit juice, some pineapple, ice, chia seeds, flax and bunch of fresh spinach. Mix it Et voila! Super energizing green power smoothie! Enjoy!

Have a great Friday!

Xo be


Cleaning out the fridge Sunday!

For today’s dinner the remainders of the fridge are on the menu. Lucky me I had lots of veggies.

The remainders turned into a “freestyle veggie chili” with: brown rice, green bell pepper, red onion, corn, mushrooms, green squash, cilantro, black beans, lentils and who knows. Add some chili and tomato salsa and tata! Super delish!

Have a nice dinner!
Xo be


My favorite breakfast threesome

Saturday morning can’t start any better than with homemade pancakes and freshly brewed coffee! Right??!

Did you know it’s super easy to make “ordinary” pancakes vegan? I used a whole wheat pancake mix. Then just sub the dairy milk with almond or soy milk, add half a banana instead of an egg and tata!

Have a great Saturday!

Xo be