Fiesta: colorful veggie chili

This is a super easy dish, does not take a lot of time to make (15 minutes if you plan it well) and looks great! Def a winner in my book!

I used brown rice, black beans, veggie ground crumbles (really does look like ground beef!), onion, some taco spices, cilantro, spinach, corn, tomatoes and on top some guacamole. Yum!

Have a good one!

Xo be



summer couscous for the weekend!

summer couscous2

I love couscous: easy to prepare, it has a nice bite to it and fills you up too. For this salad i used whole wheat couscous, made with cumin and cinnamon, roasted sweet potato, onion, snow peas, carrot and cucumber, cumin and some chopped up almonds. First make the couscous, then sauté the veggies: done in 5. yeah.

have a great weekend!

xo be

Be’s spring salad


Be's spring salad

The beauty of a salad is that it can be simple, colorful & delish: all at once. Perfect for a quick bite. This salad does not only look good (i love the orange and green), it is very tasty too!

Fresh greens+Carrot+avocado+tahini+hummus+ some lemon juice.

The brown juice: definitely NOT a “looker”


So, this brown veggie juice isn’t really a “looker… Oh well, it tastes pretty decent. Actually, it is pretty darn good.

Carrot+kale+cucumber+green bell pepper+lime+green apple

I can’t believe it is not a hamburger…


I can't believe it is not a hamburger...

So it might be considered “vegan junk food”, but what the heck: they taste awesome. Bean burgers: sooo good, my friend asked me (after finishing the whole thing) what kind of meat this was, because it was so tasty…. Need i say more?

Black bean burger + home made guacamole (avocado+ red onion+ cilantro+ garlic+ lemon juice) + sautéed Brussels sprouts & mushrooms